At the plot in the busy downtown Sendai, the surroundings cluster commercial buildings. The plot sets at a corner facing a long and narrow public road. The client works at an advertising company and likes surfing as a hobby and his wife is a famed apparel company agent.

What they had wished to own in a word, was a thoroughly simple and refined residence. To obtain a higher security, the frontage facing the public street only sets a horizontal window to realize a simple but dignified facade.

Because the plan is L-shaped spreading toward the south, in one step into the volume, you can feel the contrast of in/out such as impressions of ample external space while the exterior emerges compact…

If you step onto the symbolized L-shaped approach stairs, the living room, dining room and the kitchen appear gradually by each layer.

Wherever you are in LINEA, the family feels one solid unity.


Location Aoba ward Sendai city Miyagi
Completion 2011.11
Lot area 180.51㎡
Site area 74.53㎡
1F floor area 54.65㎡
2F floor area 71.77㎡
Total floor area 126.42㎡
Structure Timber
Scale 2F
Typology Private housing
Family structure A couple (30s) + a child
Structure engineers Nomura Structures Architects
Motoi Nomura
Facility engineers Shimada Architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Maruhon-gumi
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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